Anonymous asked: you ain't no waifu, but you're my waifu anyway

this memes so much to me





Anonymous asked: wtf are you real? i want to confirm you are

i’m real but i’m #fake

Anonymous asked: Your face gives me a lot of stress then I see your body too and I just have a panic attack. how can one person look so good

my face and body give me stress too but thank you so much honestly i feel good now n___n ♥ ♥ ♥ i dont really post mirror pix iunno i love you tho

Anonymous asked: why the hecky are your b***s so big

that’s where i store all my repressed anger

yuno what it is

colossaldweeb replied to your post: beep beep b*tch i dont give a f*ck

what server??????????? nice fkin foefire’s

gate of madness! and ahh thank you it’s my baby ♥_________♥ !!!

beep beep b*tch i dont give a f*ck

*moves that dope*
*politely puts it back when i’m done*